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F.F.U.N. teaches the importance of volunteerism and service. All of activities, whether economic, civic, or societal, are carefully guided and supervised by F.F.U.N.  F.F.U.N. projects include:

I. Community Action Project
In a collaborative effort to make a difference in the Memphis and Shelby County neighborhoods, F.F.U.N. is developing a mentoring and community action project that would reconnect current participants (inmates) in the Shelby County Division of Corrections 3R Project to the community. The program would enlist community organizations (i.e. fraternities, sororities, neighborhood associations, non-profit, faith based, etc.) to help mentor participants in the 3R Project through the reconnection process as we revitalize and restore Memphis and Shelby County neighborhoods by:

  • Removing graffiti
  • Trash removal from abandoned housing and thoroughfares
  • Cleaning up vacant lots
  • Grass Cutting

This collaboration headed by F.F.U.N. has been an asset in the beautification of our communities, making them safer by removing blight, is a cost effective usage of inmate labor and the facilitation of community service for the 3R Project participants.

II. Community Garden
The community garden provides an opportunity to engage in something positive while helping the community and participants in the program. Providing fresh vegetables helps supplement food expenses in many households within the community and encourages families eat healthier. Gardens can benefit feeding ministries who help the economically challenged families, homeless and the disabled.

This community garden initiative is a collaborative effort of FFUN, The 3R Project and North Memphis Community Initiative Network (a community and faith based organization). Our garden is established in the heart of an economically distressed neighborhood, bounded by N. Thomas, TM Henderson Blvd. and Seventh Street, to help feed the residents (senior citizens, youth and the homeless).

III. Men involved in Student Safety
M.I.S.S. (Men Involved in Student Safety) is one of several F.F.U.N. “Stop the Killing” initiatives. The goal of M.I.S.S. is to recruit 25-30 men per school as “watchful eyes”. The intended population is grades K-12; approximately 18-22 schools; identifiable by the community profile. While M.I.S.S., operation safe community, is not your typical “mentoring” program, this social program builds community trust in that it makes visible the presence of men; and their concern for safety in the school zones.

IV. Operation Light Up For Safety
Launched in November 2006, is designed to help our elderly citizens and neighborhoods feel safer. Dark streets and daylight ending around 5P have neighborhoods as havens for crime. Our initial goal to light up 100 homes.

“Operation Light up for Safety” is another effort to help deter crime in our communities. We encourage citizens to get to know their neighbors and watch out for one another. Increased lighting in neighborhoods and knowing your neighbors can help save lives. When crime decreases it can result in significant savings to property and business owners, increase property values and create a safe environment for our children.

Additional, community and civic initiatives include:

  • Helping ex-offenders get their rights restored,
  • Help ex-offenders obtain birth certificates,
  • Helping youth, ex-offenders and unemployed to obtain employment,
  • Providing temporary housing to ex-offenders and transitional housing to those in need,
  • Helping to feed homeless at FFUN headquarters throughout year,
  • Assisting families with housing needs (i.e. furniture, appliances, etc.)
  • Distributing school supplies to needy families during annual “Back to School” rally,
  • Delivering food baskets to the needy for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and
  • Providing resources regarding legal, economic, societal and civic needs.




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