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Civic Initiative

“the power of serving others”

We understand the importance of giving back. It helps to:

  • build character and self-esteem.
  • helps youth meet the academic requirement to graduate high school, and the requirement to enter college, and
  • creates an awareness of how vibrant neighborhoods impact safety and economic stability.

M.I.S.S. ( Men Involved in School Safety) is F.F.U.N.'s "watchful eye" endeavor to help ensure children are safe while going to and from school. This initiative builds trust, identifies economic needs of students and addresses their safety concerns.   We encourage input from the youth so that we can create long term and short term holistic solutions for those needs.

In doing so, F.F.U.N. collaborates with Memphis and Shelby County governments, grass root organizations, fraternities/sororities, neighborhood associations, and the faith based community.