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Societal Values

Societal values form an important part of our culture of society.  They are the social sources of patterned interaction. F.F.U.N. encourages respect and appreciation for differences (cultural, socio-economics, opinions and physical) and demonstrates how to resolve conflict through non-violence.  Values account for the stability of the social order.

We solicit help from local businesses, Realtors, churches and providers of grants to establish a number of "F.F.U.N. houses" throughout the city. "F.F.U.N." houses will provide a safe atmosphere for developing social skills, mentoring, prevention and intervention of criminal and negative behavior, and a host of wrap around services to empower urban youth within their respective communities to grow economically.  "F.F.U.N." houses will:

  • promote a social sense of pride and self-esteem,
  • provide a safe haven for youth to interact,
  • provide technology access, training and development,
  • provide tutoring and counseling services,
  • increase opportunities for positive empowerment, and
  • create opportunities to volunteer  in the community and
  • create positive interaction among peers.