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Stop the Killing

Our “Stop the Killing” initiative was birthed as a result of the violent and senseless killing of my son, Prentice Moore.  Prentice was shot in the head with an AK47 assault rifle after leaving the now closed Denim and Diamond Club on May 26, 2003.

F.F.U.N. “Stop the Killing” is the awareness/education initiative - the "wake-up call" to:

  • educate how crime and senseless killings negatively impact families and communities,
  • advocate violence prevention and intervention,
  • discusses the consequences of negative behavior and influences, and
  • engages leaders, local and state government, the business community, grass root organization, spiritual leaders, family, friends, victims, ex-offenders - the entire community to deter violence.  

F.F.U.N.'s collaborative partners provide assistance, resources and support to those impacted by violence - “an unnecessary negative.”

Our “Stop the Killing” initiative addresses key components of “The Daily Survival Plan” to avoid negative influences and behavior. Motivational speakers share personal experiences and talk about the consequences of bad decisions, crime and senseless killings.  

We recognize the plight of our at risk urban communities suffering from senseless killings, crime and blight. F.F.U.N.'s  “Stop the Killing” initiatives provide alternative solutions that empower, mentor, uses positive prevention and intervention strategies to create safe neighborhoods.